Commercial Photo Gallery

Containment in Manchester, MO

Half of this warehouse was being worked on while the other half was still open for business. We set this containment to keep any dust and debris out of the functioning portion of the business.

Emergency Ready Profile for your Business

Do you know what to do when water or fire damage strikes at your business?  This complimentary service that we provide will keep your business prepared for any type of disaster. Call us today to get prepared!


Floor Protection in Commercial Building in Clayton, MO

Our crews work in filthy conditions, but we want to keep the unaffected areas as clean as possible throughout the process. Putting down floor protection is one of the ways that we keep unaffected areas from becoming affected as we walk in and out of the building.

Water Damaged Church Pews in Fenton, MO

When this church found their sky lights leaking they called the professionals at SERVPRO of Fenton/South Ballwin for help! Our crews were able to clean the pews rather than throw them out and replace them. This saved the church time and money, and allowed them to open as usual.

Commercial Water Damage in St Louis, MO

The sprinkler system in this commercial building was suppose to be shut off due to the upstairs portion of the building not being used. The sprinkler system experienced a pipe break causing water to flood all three levels of the building.

Commercial Equipment

Here we can see that the crews have staged air movers to be dispersed throughout the building. This loss happened in an office building. A toilet malfunctioned and continued to run over the weekend, until the building was opened again the following Monday.