Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Shriners Circus 2019

SERVPRO of Fenton/South Ballwin is a huge supporter of Shriners Hospital for Children - St Louis. This years Moolah Shrine Circus will be held on March 21-24 @ The Family Arena. Please call (314) 534-1111 for questions!

Controlling Climate with a Dehumidifier in Sappington, MO

This homeowner was concerned that secondary damage was going to occur. Dehumidifier used to stabilize attic space while we waited on test results for possible asbestos contained within the insulation before and demolition was performed.

Corrosion on Plumbing in Clayton, MO

This bathroom had not been used in quite some time. Water sitting in the plumbing caused this pipe to corrode to the point of failure. It is a good idea to check plumbing annually for these types of issues.

Microbial Growth in Fenton, MO

When a homeowner noticed water pooling in front of the refrigerator she began to investigate. Upon moving the refrigerator she discovered a portion of drywall that was covered in Microbial Growth. She knew exactly who to call once she found this issue. Call us today for any questions regarding Microbial Growth in your home or business. (314) 858-1688

Highly Trained Staff

Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. Our training program includes the following: IICRC, Employee Certification Training, e-learnings and Continuing Education Classes.

Attending this IICRC Fire and Smoke class is Brendan Roberts-Account Manager, Adam Smith-Account Manager and Chrisitna Rulo-Fire Division.

Understanding Mold in the Restoration Industry

Our own account manager, Brendan Roberts, is sporting a tyvek suit as part of a demonstration during our CE Class. We host CE Classes throughout the year. If interested please call our office at (314) 858-1688.