Storm Damage Photo Gallery

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SERVPRO of Fenton/South Ballwin is prepared to service any client no matter the weather. When bad weather strikes we are the team that is Faster to any size disaster.

Freezing Temperatures cause pipe to break in Frontenac, MO

When winter weather moves in make sure your home is prepared. Shut off the water to the exterior water spigots, and check from proper insulation in these areas. This home had recently been vacated, and was not fully prepared for the cold weather that was moving into the St Louis area.

Winter Storm causes Frozen Pipe in Ballwin, MO

When a winter storm dropped temperatures into the single digits the copper pipes in the ceiling of this church were not insulated correctly and caused a pipe to burst. Water ran over night, and was finally shut off the next morning.

SERVPRO Equipment

SERVPRO of Fenton/South Ballwin is ready for any type of storm. We are here to help 24/7/365, and have Emergency Storm Teams that are ready to be activated at any time. Call us today to see how you can prepare for storms in your area. (314) 858-1688

Ground Water near your home

As seen in the photo above, during heavy rains water can pool up next to your home or business. This can cause water to seep into small cracks and through porous materials finding its way into your basement. Always check for water pooling near your home or business, and address the issue. This is typically not covered by many insurance companies.

Flooding in Fenton, MO

During a period of heavy rain this home located near the Meramec River was hit hard by flooding. Most of the home was affected from the flooding, here you can see how much damage was done to the garage.