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Clean Those Ducts!

3/15/2017 (Permalink)

Have you ever had and over abundance of dust in your house and have no clue where it keeps coming from? Well one of the main sources were all the dust is coming from is our air ducts. Having your air ducts professionally cleaned by SERVPRO of Fenton and South Ballwin is a key importance in reducing the amount of dust in your home.

The following air duct cleaning steps are for a full service air duct cleaning. The process of air duct cleaning involves three simple steps:

Clean the furnace/air conditioner.
After testing the system for proper operation, we will disconnect the power before opening the unit for safety.
Vacuum the interior surfaces of the Furnace/Air Conditioner.
Clean the cooling coils with a HEPA vacuum and a coil cleaner.
Clean the Blower unit.
Clean the supply and return registers and grills.
Remove wall, ceiling and Floor registers.
Wash Register with Dynamite cleaner and rinse.
Clean the supply and return ducts.
Clean all air ducts using powerful duct cleaning equipment.
Decontaminate cleaned ducts with Soot set sealant, and Odor Kill Deodorizer.
Make sure you get your air ducts cleaned frequently so you do not have any problems or constant dust around your house. Give us here at SERVPRO of Fenton and South Ballwin a call at 636-527-5990 and we will clean your air ducts!